About Us

Wootown Bagels started out of our home in Wooster, OH in the spring of 2015.  For my entire life I’ve been a lover of a good boiled bagel.  Along with no prior knowledge of how to make bagels, run a business or any experience in the food industry I said, “What the hell!” and took the plunge.  With a lot of help from the wider Wooster foodie community we set out on an adventure to fulfill our mission of bringing better bagels and better days to our fellow bagel lovers.  Starting from scratch and after much refinement I taught myself how to hand-roll, boil and bake what we think is a prettay prettay prettay good bagel.  We are currently working towards our storefront and could not be more excited about the journey we have set out upon.  Help us get there by placing an order here or snag a bag from Local Roots Wooster anytime they are open.


#betterbagels #betterdays